For the endless rain and you

Let me make a poem for the endless rain and you.

Some say that “There is no rain that never ends”.

The rain does not mind.

As the rain keeps falling,

some say that “Your love will end someday”.

I do not mind.

I will keep loving you.

I presented “A Workshop ‘TEKUTEKU’: Creation and Preservation of Local Information Linking Outdoor Activities to Public Libraries” at IWRIS2012.

I made the following presentation “A Workshop ‘TEKUTEKU’: Creation and Preservation of Local Information Linking Outdoor Activities to Public Libraries” at the Conference of the Fourth International Workshop on Regional Innovation Studies 2012(IWRIS2012) at Mie University.
(The Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Regional Innovation Studies 2012(IWRIS2012), pp. 60-63, October 11-12)*.

“TEKUTEKU” is an adverb in Japanese meaning an appearence of a person walking at a regular speed.
I named my project “TEKUTEKU”, which was besed on walking projects that citizens walk around the town and discover new attractions of the town, then the participants make a booklet collected new findings of the town and donate it to the local libraries.
The workshops have ever been held 10 times in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Metropolitan and Matsusaka city, Mie Prefecture.
For my abstract to be peer reviewed, I presented it at this time.
After l looked back on my presentation, I have reflected on my project and feel it needs improvement.
I am thankful for the opportunity to improve myself. I want to apply what I have learned from presenting at the conference to my future project.

2012 10/11

* Chunichi Shimbun, October 27, 2012, p. 20

Arnold Lobel "Frog and Toad Are Friends" Harpercollins Childrens Books 1970

I have uploaded “By Shakespear” to maromaro words.
Then you can use it insted of “up to you”, if you would like to ;-).

“Frog and Toad Are Friends”, written by Arnold Lobel, Harpercollins Childrens Books, 1970.

“Frog and Toad Are Friends” is composed of 5 short stories which are dialogue of friendship between Frog and Toad.
They are an odd, but endearing couple, and hop along through stories.
Every story goes rhythmical, and even impressive.

My favorites in the book are “SPRING”, “THE STORY” and “THE LETTER”.

“SPRING” was comical, in which Frog (the one is more cheerful and smarter) uses his wit to convince Toad (the one thinks things in negative way) that it is time to wake up.

“THE STORY” was humorous and heart-warming.
In this story, Toad struggles to think up a story to make ailing Frog feel better.

The last one, “THE LETTER” was touching.
Frog tries to send a letter to Toad who is waiting mails day after day.
Frog asks a snail to carry it and it takes 4 days.
Everyone knows snails are the slowest creatures alive!

I love this book 😉

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2008 12/22

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.

Rufus Butler Seder "Gallop!" Workman Publishing 2007

I have uploaded “nice to meat sauce” to maromaro words ;).

“Gallop!”, written by Rufus Butler Seder, Workman Publishing, 2007.

This book is not only a picture book or a pop-up book.
It has to be called a “scamination picture book”.
The “scamination picture book” is a book which you can see charactors moving along fliping over pages.
I have never seen that kind of book.

This book impacted me “wow!” first, and warmed my heart the last.

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2008 12/9

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Daniel Wallace "Big Fish" Pocket Books 2004

maromaro@when somebody asks me whether I can communicate in English, I recently answer “Are you look down on me? I am even able to say ‘I am a pen ;-)'”.

“Big Fish” written by Daniel Wallace Pocket Books 2004.

There are two main characters in the book.
The father who likes to tell jokes and tales as a boaster.
The other is the son who does not like the father`s jokes and tales.
The son finally start to listen to the father`s jokes and tales, when he knew the father has short time to left…

As “fish story” means big talk and boast, the title “Big fish” is an extream boaster.
The main theme of this story is to understand between the father and the son, who have different personalities.
The last part of this story was toched for me as a reader.
I think it does not matter the jokes and tales are real or not.
The important thing is there are truth or not.

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2008 6/17

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George Orwell "Animal Farm" Penguin Books 2000 (orignal first published 1945)

maromaro@as just a song, I like “L’Internationale” (The Internationale) :-).

“Animal Farm” written by George Orwell Penguin Books 2000 (orignal first published 1945).

There was a farm which was possessed by masters of human being.
One day, animals on the farm did revolt against human masters.
Animals got the farm by themselves and found “Animal Farm” of the animals, by the animals, for the animals.
“Animal Farm” had equal and ideal principle and it seemed like a utopia nation for animals.
Animals, however, started power struggles and changing principle by themselves…

This book is one of the most famous novels of George Orwell.
The story said how revolution`s ideal is disrupted by revoluters themselves.

It is mainly modeled after the Rossian Revolution.
But history proves any revolution proceed through as like “Animal Farm”.
I have felt melancholy but could not deny tha sad story when I have finished reading :’-( .

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2007 12/3

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向山淳子+向山貴彦 with studio ET CETRA・たかしまてつを 『ビッグ・ファット・キャットの世界一簡単な英語の本』 幻冬舎 2001


さて、『ビッグ・ファット・キャットの世界一簡単な英語の本』向山淳子+向山貴彦 with studio ET CETRA著、たかしまてつを絵(幻冬舎)2001。




読んでみると例文に連続性があって、全体を通して一つの物語(big fat cat)になっているのが特徴的。





2007 11/30

PAOLA TRIMARCO "GUCCI-Business in Fashion-" Penguin Readers 2001

LOVENABE@boring virus mails.

“GUCCI-Business in Fashion-” written by PAOLA TRIMARCO Penguin Readers 2001.
This book is a story of “GUCCI”, one of the most famous brand companies.

Although I have never owned a GUCCI product, the cool cover design
of this book caught my eye at the book store, and I was tempted to buy it.
This (temptation to buy at first sight) is called “JAKEGAI” in Japanese :-P.

The book was about how the GUCCI brand started off, and how it is managed today.
I was especially interested in the start for the GUCCI as a bland.

GUCCI’s first store was very small and had no original logo.
It took a long while for the GUCCI GG logo from a shape of a stirrup.
I was astonished by the amount of time it takes to establish a brand.

Reading this book gave me a fresh view of my own brand “MAROMARO”.
It’s a tiny enterprise, but even GUCCI was so in the past ;-).

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2004 4/1

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FREDERICK FORSYTH "The Day of the Jackal" Penguin Readers 1999 (orignal first published 1971)


“The Day of the Jackal” written by FREDERICK FORSYTH
Penguin Readers 1999(orignal first published 1971).

This is a very famous book.
I was interested in this book even before I’ve had a fetish about
catchy book titles.
Maybe I was so since I was a high school student.

The story was about a battle between two men.
One man, whose code-name, is Jackal was to assassinate the Frecnh
president, General de Gaulle.
The other one, the detective Lebel chased Jackal.

I liked this story because I was always interested in stories of
battles between these kinds of men,
such as chasing stories of a smart spy or criminal and a smart cop.
Also, the way the author writes was very thrilling.
One of thrilling pary was…
“As the two men looked towards each other unknowing across the Seine,
the Paris church clocks sounded midnight. It was now 22nd August.”…
The Day of the Jackal captured my mind and heart while reading.

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2004 3/9

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.

nice to meat sauce

“nice to meat sauce” is a maromaro-conjugated form of “nice to meet you.”
It is a greeting expression you would use when you meet English speakers for the first time.

Maromaro used the phrase when he met an American who spoke little Japanese.
He wanted to check whether his MAROMAROish word would be accepted universally.
It actually made the American laugh a lot more than Maromaro had expected.

Maromaro found out the humor could be world-wide from the results (Maromaro 2003).
He, therefore, started to use it and categorized the expressions as a MGT, aka, MAROMARO Global Terms.
“I am NABECKHAM, but I have no Victoria” is one of them, too.

copyright coment:If you have a opportunity to use this term, I never recieve any patent.
Because all the maromaro term is my meme, just maromaro gene.