Daniel Wallace "Big Fish" Pocket Books 2004

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“Big Fish” written by Daniel Wallace Pocket Books 2004.

There are two main characters in the book.
The father who likes to tell jokes and tales as a boaster.
The other is the son who does not like the father`s jokes and tales.
The son finally start to listen to the father`s jokes and tales, when he knew the father has short time to left…

As “fish story” means big talk and boast, the title “Big fish” is an extream boaster.
The main theme of this story is to understand between the father and the son, who have different personalities.
The last part of this story was toched for me as a reader.
I think it does not matter the jokes and tales are real or not.
The important thing is there are truth or not.

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2008 6/17

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.


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