Arnold Lobel "Frog and Toad Are Friends" Harpercollins Childrens Books 1970

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“Frog and Toad Are Friends”, written by Arnold Lobel, Harpercollins Childrens Books, 1970.

“Frog and Toad Are Friends” is composed of 5 short stories which are dialogue of friendship between Frog and Toad.
They are an odd, but endearing couple, and hop along through stories.
Every story goes rhythmical, and even impressive.

My favorites in the book are “SPRING”, “THE STORY” and “THE LETTER”.

“SPRING” was comical, in which Frog (the one is more cheerful and smarter) uses his wit to convince Toad (the one thinks things in negative way) that it is time to wake up.

“THE STORY” was humorous and heart-warming.
In this story, Toad struggles to think up a story to make ailing Frog feel better.

The last one, “THE LETTER” was touching.
Frog tries to send a letter to Toad who is waiting mails day after day.
Frog asks a snail to carry it and it takes 4 days.
Everyone knows snails are the slowest creatures alive!

I love this book 😉

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2008 12/22

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.


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