George Orwell "Animal Farm" Penguin Books 2000 (orignal first published 1945)

maromaro@as just a song, I like “L’Internationale” (The Internationale) :-).

“Animal Farm” written by George Orwell Penguin Books 2000 (orignal first published 1945).

There was a farm which was possessed by masters of human being.
One day, animals on the farm did revolt against human masters.
Animals got the farm by themselves and found “Animal Farm” of the animals, by the animals, for the animals.
“Animal Farm” had equal and ideal principle and it seemed like a utopia nation for animals.
Animals, however, started power struggles and changing principle by themselves…

This book is one of the most famous novels of George Orwell.
The story said how revolution`s ideal is disrupted by revoluters themselves.

It is mainly modeled after the Rossian Revolution.
But history proves any revolution proceed through as like “Animal Farm”.
I have felt melancholy but could not deny tha sad story when I have finished reading :’-( .

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2007 12/3

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.


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