nice to meat sauce

“nice to meat sauce” is a maromaro-conjugated form of “nice to meet you.”
It is a greeting expression you would use when you meet English speakers for the first time.

Maromaro used the phrase when he met an American who spoke little Japanese.
He wanted to check whether his MAROMAROish word would be accepted universally.
It actually made the American laugh a lot more than Maromaro had expected.

Maromaro found out the humor could be world-wide from the results (Maromaro 2003).
He, therefore, started to use it and categorized the expressions as a MGT, aka, MAROMARO Global Terms.
“I am NABECKHAM, but I have no Victoria” is one of them, too.

copyright coment:If you have a opportunity to use this term, I never recieve any patent.
Because all the maromaro term is my meme, just maromaro gene.


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