NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE "The Scarlet Letter" Penguin Readers 2000 (orignal first published 1850)

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“The Scarlet Letter” written by NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE
Penguin Readers 2000(orignal first published 1850).
This book is one of the most famous american literatures
and known as “緋文字(HIMOJI)” in Japan.

“Hester Prynne” who is the heroine of this story
must put “A”, means “adulteress”, on her dress.
Because her daughter “Pearl”`s father nobady knows and Hester never say.
Who is her father?, this is a basis on the story.

I think this story says a woman who tried to live strongly and truthfully.
I remember that I was moved when I finished reading this book.
Last phrase in this book impressed me, “But not today”.

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2003 1/27

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.


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