MARK TWAIN "The Adventures of TOM SAWYER" Oxford University Press 2000 (orignal first published 1876)

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“The Adventures of TOM SAWYER” written by MARK TWAIN
Oxford University Press 2000(orignal first published 1876).
This book is one of the most popular old literature in the United States,
and captured its popularity in Japan in cartoon TV shows.
Despite of its popular background, since I remember litle of it,
I opened this book again.

The story tells that how the boys attain to live happily
with their wisdom and encouragement in overall.
Their quick-witted actions exhilarated me.
I was also interested in “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” section at the end of the book.
When author was working as a guard of the Mississippi river,
“Mark Twain” was named.
The term of “Mark Twain” simply means “4 fathoms of water”.
This fact suprised me.

And this is the first book since I have removed to Tokyo.
So, I think my life is like a little adventure:-D

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2003 3/30

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.


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