JOHN GRISHAM "The Firm" Penguin Readers 1995 (orignal first published 1991)

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“The Firm” written by JOHN GRISHAM Penguin Readers 1995
(orignal first published 1991).
The writer is one of the most popular novelist in contenporary America.
The story is famous as a movie too, but I have not watched it.
That` why I was excited reading this book.
The stage on the book is a laywer`s firm as title
and the leading part is a young lawyer.
He is involved in a big plot and fight it…it is this story.
However this book interested me, various characters,
complexd relations and professional terms confused me:'(
So, I think this book is a good text for comprehension of English.

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2003 2/24

annotation; this readingdiary was assisted by maropro.


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